Stockingfield Bridge Artworks

Community Engagement programme

The Stockingfield Bridge project at the Forth and Clyde Canal includes artworks from eight different artists and community groups to be installed on site.

Community engagement started in early 2021, with a consultation of what local people wanted to see reflected in the artworks. This consultation informed the commissioning of eight artworks.

Each artist/group is engaging with the community in different ways. There are several ways to get involved:

Throughout November: ‘A River of names’ – artist Anoushka Havinden seeks names for the river, of interest and importance to the local community.

Louise Nolan is inviting people to create tiles.

Nicola McHendry is creating a viewpoint.

Boom! Arts are offering drawing workshops at Lambhill Stables

Other artists and groups will be engaging with groups and the community over coming months. For updates and to keep informed, check out Maryhill Together’s facebook page.