The ‘River of Names’

I’m one of 8 artists/groups commissioned to create artworks for the site. My plan is to etch names onto the lockstop stones – 20 granite slabs making a path alongside the canal.

I hope to let the names flow from the community into the artwork – and am asking the local community to nominate names to be included.

These may be the names of people, places, events, wildlife, plantlife, songs or poems. Any name that is meaningful for the local community, has resonance or importance for local people.

Suggestions will be submitted anonymously, and all considered for inclusion. I welcome names from different languages, alphabets and cultures, and hope to show the layers of history, community, and society from round about the site of the bridge.

Nominations will be open until mid November 2021, when I will gather all the names and start to consider the design.

The project will go into production in spring 2022, and the bridge should be open in 2022.

How to get involved

As part of a programme of community engagement, I am looking for your nominations! Please use the contact form to send your suggestions for names to be included in the River.

Please also include a few words about why you are nominating the name or names.

I am conducting a programme of events to seek the views and input of local people – these will take place throughout September and October 2021.

Activities include poetry writing, artwork making and worksheets are available. If you’d like to get involved and/or ask for some of the worksheets, please contact me using the form here.