Stockingfield Bridge Artworks

There are eight artists/groups working to create artworks for the project. Over the winter, we’ve been busy! Community engagement has included workshops in clay, drawing, poetry – some in person, some virtual. Some glimpses of what’s been going on: Lambhill Stables workshops: Boom Arts have held drawing workshops and litterpicks: Louise Nolan has made hundredsContinue reading “Stockingfield Bridge Artworks”

Streams in the river

While working mostly on research, I’ve also been developing the design for the ‘river’*. I’ve sortedthe names gathered so far into about twenty ‘streams’ – ‘nature’, ‘built environment’, ‘sport’, etc. These will then flow and weave and intertwine along the piece. It should make for a stronger visual, and hopefully produce some interesting combinations andContinue reading “Streams in the river”

Community Artwork plans unveiled

Scottish Canals have issued a press release regarding the artwork for the Stockingfield Canal site. Work is now starting on community engagement, with all the following artists and groups planning various activities and consultation: Lambhill Stables Louise Nolan Boom! Community Arts Louise McVey Possobilities Nicola McHendry David Galbraith And of course, I am looking forContinue reading “Community Artwork plans unveiled”