Stockingfield Bridge Artworks

There are eight artists/groups working to create artworks for the project. Over the winter, we’ve been busy! Community engagement has included workshops in clay, drawing, poetry – some in person, some virtual.

Some glimpses of what’s been going on:

Lambhill Stables workshops:

image: Eddie McKee/Wendy Martha McCormick @ Lambhill Stables

Boom Arts have held drawing workshops and litterpicks:

images: Danielle Banks – @ Boom Arts

Louise Nolan has made hundreds of tiles with community groups and batches for posting:

image: Louise Nolan Works

My ‘river of names’ has gathered several hundred names, and I’ve finished the poem, which I’m now designing into the ‘river’:

image: Anoushka Havinden

Possobilities have held art workshops and Nicola McHendry is creating viewfinders.

Work on the bridge is progressing fast, and it’ll be exciting to see the artworks being incorporated into the site this spring!

For updates, follow:

Maryhill Together on Facebook

This website/blog!

Scottish Canals – there is a newsletter to sign up to.

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