January update

Deep in design/contemplation process at the moment.

I’ve gathered over 1,000 names that I would love to put in the river. But of course, this is far too many. So this month hard decisions are going to have to be made about which names to use.

In the course of my research and consultations, I’ve discovered some wonderful stories and many forgotten names of people, places and events that remain just as slight memories, glimpses and fragments.

I recently heard about the ‘Lost Children of Maryhill’, and there are the memories and ghosts of so many of the people who lived, worked and passed through the area around Stockingfield.

I’ve been thinking about names, how they endure, how some are ‘written on water‘ and some are ‘carved in stone’.

After working on designs and considering the river deeply over the past few weeks, I’ve started to think that a central poem is needed to flow through the river. I’m now working on that – a poem that hopefully can evoke the memories and echoes of all of those people, places and lives that have woven around the site and created the place.

This week, I’ll be thinking about all of these things and starting on the poem.

Also holding an open zoom on Wednesday – do join me!

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